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A Visualizer is the most flexible presentation tool of our times. It can pick-up any kind of material (books, photos, 3-dimensional objects etc.) quickly and easily and provides a high resolution output signal for video/data projectors, monitors, interactive whiteboards or videoconferencing systems.

Compared to rather “stiff” PowerPoint presentations, Visualizer presentations are much more flexible and dynamic, because anything can be displayed at any time, with no fixed order and without the need for lengthy preparation in advance.

Typical applications for Visualizers are: Training, Education, Meetings, Conferences, Product Presentations, Court Rooms (displaying evidence), various Medical Applications (telemedicine, telepath ology, x-rays etc.), Video Conferencing / Tele Presence (using the Visualizer as a document camera) and many more…

A Visualizer enables a presenter to translate ideas into convincing interactive presentations, spontaneously and naturally, and to engage and communicate with an audience in a manner that is more effective than any other presentation method, ensuring that each and every presentation is a memorable experience for the audience.