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Sony Launched VPL-HW30ES new 3D home theater projector

The newly-launched VPL-HW30ES represents Sony’s latest addition to its 3D home theater projectors. Packed with Sony’s Dynamic Lamp Control system, the projector boasts stunning images that are three times brighter than Sony’s first 3D home theater projector launched last year. Also, by synchronizing the opening and closing of the shutters on the 3D glasses, each eye receives the accurate image, thus reducing crosstalk.

Furthermore, by utilizing Sony’s High Frame Rate SXRD (1920 x 1080) panel, the VPL-HW30ES is capable of producing sharper, dot-free images. With a 70,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,300 lumens of brightness, the projector is also capable of displaying dazzling images. Coupled with the automatic Advanced Iris Control, contrast is optimized according to the scene, which maximizes the black and white levels without diminishing peak brightness.

Gamers will love the Sony exclusive Motionflow technology on the projector, which allows twice as many images per second to reproduce dramatically sharper and smoother movements and reduces motion blur for a crisper image.

Best of all, the Sony VPL-HW30ES comes in either black or white and retails at an affordable recommended retail price of RM14,999 with a pair of 3D glasses and a transmitter, However, extra TDG-PJ1 and TMR-PJ1active shutter glasses can also be purchased separately at at RM599 and RM399 respectively.

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